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When customers send us their raw materials for labeling or decoration, we know that they are trusting us to handle it with care. At Signature Label, we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That is why we have implemented lot traceability software that allows us to track our customers’ raw materials from the moment they enter our facility until the final product is loaded on a truck to ship back to the customer. Daily production reports that include information on where their raw materials are in the process, their physical location in our facility, and scrap per shift by traceable lot numbers. This electronic lot traceability service provides the ability to trace and follow all of the raw materials sent to Signature Label through production until the moment their materials are ready to be shipped.

What does this mean for customers of Signature Label?

  • Information: The status of your raw materials is always available in real time.
  • Accountability: We can provide an audit trail and quality control results that not only detail where your product is, but also shows who worked on what and when the work was done.
  • Reporting: Daily production reports show production and scrap per shift by traceable lot numbers.

How it Works

Signature Label has implemented PanatrackerGP barcode software integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory and Accounting. Together, these systems ensure efficiency and accuracy in materials management. Each time inventory is transferred throughout the facility, it is scanned and the location is updated in the inventory system (i.e. blank ware, work-in-process, and finished goods). As materials are transferred for shipping, a packing slip is created. Quantities picked for shipment are automatically transferred to the accounting system for final invoicing.