Signature Label is happy to announce a second Kammann K15-CNC 6 color screen printing machine will be arriving in March 2018. This equipment will boost capacity in screen printing plastic and glass articles.

The K15-CNC can print from one to six passes, including four color process (CMYK). Printing on round, oval, flat and combination shapes ranging in size from a .25 oz. jar all the way up to a 1.75 liter bottle with full 360 degree printing even on non-round articles.

The K15 is programmed through servo motor drives and allows an amazing print registration tolerance as low as +/- 1/10 mm. Fully automated with robotic loading and unloading, the containers are captured in precision tooling and held throughout each print station.

A bottom camera registration system allows multi-color precise register to the seam without lugs or ramps. A camera inspection system monitors the quality of every article for defined attributes ensuring only top quality products are delivered to the pack out station.

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