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Any color you dream up, we can make. With our exclusive UV ink based system, we can we make any color under the sun. Worried that the perfect color can’t be achieved twice? Worry no more! At Signature Label, the ink colors are mixed automatically with our ink mixing system. This removes the variances caused by human error and ensures that a perfect color match is achieved every single time.

We don’t leave room for error when it comes to our customers’ screen printing. Signature Label has invested in a color matching process that sets us apart from the competition. Most companies do not have the ability to mix the color in-house. They require this process to be outsourced, often resulting in unanticipated delays in scheduling and production. Many of our competitors who do offer color matching in-house have not made the investment in automating the process. They rely on employees to mix the color by hand, a process that can lead to variances in color each time a new batch is mixed.

At Signature Label, not only will you have a perfect match every time a new batch of color is mixed, you will also have the opportunity to view the sample before production begins. Although not unique in the industry, but the fact that we can make in-house adjustments and send a new sample out quickly and efficiently sets us apart from the others. Our in-house staff works diligently to prevent any unanticipated delays in production while ensuring that our customers are getting a perfect color match every time they work with Signature Label.


What is a Spectrophotometer? We are glad you asked. A Spectrophotometer is a devise that Signature Label uses in-house to check the color of your label or design. It measures the color and assigns a PMS, ensuring that the machine knows exactly what colors to mix. The end result for our customers is a guaranteed perfect color match every time.