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Signature Label continually invests in the best machines and processes to provide our customers with excellent products and services. Our screen printing process is no exception. We exclusively use Kammann machines because this equipment is well known throughout the world as the best printing systems.


As a result of Signature Label’s commitment to investing in only the best equipment and processes, we have the ability to print a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our state-of-the-art machines and technology allow us to offer printing on some of the most challenging projects including:

  • Printing on glass and plastic
  • Printing on unique shapes including rounds, ovals and flats
  • Printing on compound curves

In-house color matching and specialty ink

With a variety of exclusive U.V. based inks and in-house color matching, Signature Label’s customized approach ensures your packaging looks its best. By using only UV cured inks that are environmentally safe, we can offer unlimited color matching potential.

Signature Label works hard to keep up with current trends in specialty ink and colors. Our latest ink offerings include the following:

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    Glitter Ink

    Add a little sparkle to your package. You can choose to accent a portion of your design or go dramatic with an entire design in glitter. Glitter ink is able to be tinted in any color.

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    Tactile Ink

    The sense of touch can be a powerful marketing tool. Adding texture to your packaging ignites the sense of touch and creates a higher level of perceived value.

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    Metallic Inks

    Metallic inks are available in a variety of colors allowing you to add luxe to your package.

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    Transparent Ink

    Transparent ink is an ideal choice if you have a clear container and want your design to accent the contents but not cover them up.